1. What is Master Spaces?

Master Spaces is a rental arbitrage acquisition agency designed as the bridge between home owners, property managers, and complexes. We are the leading provider of corporate lease acquisitions. We strategically source homeowners and apartment communities to obtain properties for our corporate partners to leverage for corporate housing.

2. What services are offered through Master Spaces?

We provide a wide range of arbitrage services. We connect home owners with corporate housing partners to optimize their properties, limit tenant turnovers, and reduce the number of days on the market. Master Spaces has a network of resources for both the owners and corporate partners. We strive to create a hassle-free, streamlined process to ensure a smooth and quick lease turnaround time.

3. How do I list my property or home with Master Spaces?

We serve in various markets, including Alabama, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, Nevada, and more. To see if your property qualifies, enter your information here, or give us a call at (add number). By agreeing to list your property with Master Spaces, the owner, property manager or apartment community allows us the right to market the property with corporate operators in our network. During this time, we request a seven-day window before processing any applications to ensure we can provide???

4. Are there any owner fees associated with joining Master Spaces?

There are no fees to join our Master Spaces’ property listings. Owners, property managers and apartment communities will not have to pay any management, furniture, setup, or sign on fees with the company.

5. Who pays the security deposit and rent to owners?

While Master Spaces secures the properties for our clients, we do not not occupy the home or the lease. Our corporate clients are responsible for all payments and insurance. In the event any resident causes damage to the home, they will remedy the damage and may collect payment from their resident.

6. What kind of homes do Master Spaces look for?

Our preferred homes range from studios to three bedroom residences. We look for homes with an equal ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms and require our homes to have appliances, on-site or in-home laundry, parking available, homes with recently updated or modern kitchens and bathrooms are also required. Allowance for pets is a big plus!

7. What maintenance does Master Spaces cover?

The corporate partner that secures and signs the lease agreement is responsible for all basic maintenance, such as air filters, smoke detectors, clogged toilets, etc. All capital expenditures and major expenses are covered by the owner.

8. What insurance coverage does Master Spaces carry?

Master Spaces is not the lease holder and therefore doesn’t require insurance. The corporate partner that secures the lease is responsible for obtaining insurance from $100,000 up to a $1 million-dollar aggregate. They may also carry individual resident insurance. We recommend all owners to require renter’s insurance within five business days of signing the lease agreement.

9. Do you provide information on permit ordinances or requirements in various cities?

Master Spaces provides up-to-date information on the STR regulations for any property. We work with owners and property managers to review the Bylaws, HOA, and city regulations to ensure compliance.

10. How can I become a Master Spaces partner?

For questions about listing your property with Master Spaces, contact us at properties@masterspacesinc.com or complete the form and one of our team members will contact you. We look forward to partnering with you!